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GearKo® specializes in high precision planetary gearbox used with any make and model of servo and stepper motors for even the toughest automation applications.

With over a decade of experiences in the design and production of planetary gearboxes,

GearKo® ranks one of top brands among worldwide high precision planetary gearbox manufacturers.

GearKo® is ISO 9001 certified and compliant of European CE mark certification.

GearKo® has the highest output torque rating per frame size in the market and can reach backlash very close to zero arcmin. Superior reliability enables GearKo® to offer one of most generous warranty program in the industry. Strong engineering capability accommodates customized solutions to customers. That is why GearKo has been successful in supporting numerous OEM customers from dozens of industry well spread across Asia, Europe, North and South America.

“A great supplier like GearKo could greatly shorten our path of business growth”.

                                     — Quicklaser President Mr. Yan Zhangjian

Continuous improvement culture ensures GearKo®quality one of top tier among worldwide planetary gearbox manufacturers. Our lean manufacture initiative has contributed to the cost reduction for our customers. Multiple schemes such as Freight-free, On-Site Inventory, JIT etc., bring additional cost saving to GearKo® customers. 

“Gearko has been extremely supportive of our product development with short lead times and fair prices during the height of Covid.The gearboxes have performed significantly better than the competitors we tested and currently our choice to move forward in our production product.” 

                           — Opex Automation Mechanical Engineer

With expanded motion drive product portfolio and recent patented innovative designs of one-piece gearbox and pinion, and one-piece gearbox and servo motor, GearKo®  is evolving into motion drive integrated product manufacturer and solution provider.

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High precision planetary gearbox overview

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